>Herds and herds of geeks and nerds…

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

>Going slightly off topic on this one. I’m not normally this abrasive (my anger management counsellor will tell you that) but the stuff below really does annoy me.

As previously mentioned, I kinda like gadgets. Grown up toys and generally things that are shiny and bleep. Me and the boy have this in common. But sometimes people can spoil this by taking so-called sides to rival tech firms.
For example; recently the Playstation network game thingy went down (or it broke, as normal people would say) and the Xbox crowd went mental. Not as mental as the Playstation users that had to cancel their credit cards, but still they were rather boisterous. They were going on about how shit Sony are and how Xbox live and Microsoft were far superior.


My brother handily pointed out that Microsoft (aka Bill Gates’ empire of nerd) owns and operates Internet explorer. you know, that amazing blue ‘e’ symbol that sits on the desktop and has never broken down or been infected with viruses for crashed unexpectedly or….I forget my point.

If it sounds like that I’m taking Sony’s side, I’m not really but I do tend to go for the their consoles over Microsoft. But it’s not like I’d not get an Xbox either. If I was offered an Xbox I wouldn’t go on about how I wouldn’t dare have such a thing in my home and then pledge my allegiance to Sony by having the Playstation symbols carved into my forehead. I’d probably say “ta very much” and lose the next 3 hours of my life to it.

It just the snobbery of the people who decide the open source/more techy/more likely to get them to see boobs tech is the best and spend their time shaking their head in disbelief and snorting contempt at the lowly folk who dared to show the ability to express free choice.

you can also get into this type of conversation:

You: “I have this console”

Tech snob: *snort* “why did you buy that?”

You: “I had a look at all the options and decided this was the best one for me”

Tech snob: but that can only do (drones on about processing power or some bollocks) whilst my
machine can (even Goddam longer) and also (your now thinking of ways to kill him).

At this point they’re explaining everything they know about coding and other things, by which time you’ve already made the mental note to de-friend them on facebook.

The one that really gets me annoyed it the whole shebang that I’m going to call “the apple-android smackdown” (I may change that).

Why this “grinds my gears” more than anything is that I’ve had experience of both sides. I’m currently with an android powered phone. I have had an iPhone in the past but made a change (for reasons i’m not going into). I can already hear the pro android army making approving noises, but I prefer Apple. I just do.

I’ve literally read people saying that the iPhone is rubbish. Well no, frankly. It’s clearly not.
If it were rubbish it wouldn’t sell, and it has sold lots.
“But wait” I hear the tech snobs cry, “the Apple service is a walled garden environment and you can only get software through itunes”.
That may be, but the app store is great. and correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure you can download music from other places like Amazon and then put them on your phone.
Besides, Eden was a pretty big walled garden, that seemed like a nice place to be.

Yes, I will concede that the lack of flash support on the iPhone was on occasion a pain in the arse. “At least” I thought “Now I can do all that flash stuff I didn’t realise I wanted to do or never really thought about now with my android powered gadget”.

Yeah. My phone doesn’t support flash. My Android phone.

So I cant use the BBC iPlayer (fuck me there’s a lot of things with an “i” in front of it these days) on it to catch up on any TV & radio stuff I might have missed, LIKE YOU FUCKING CAN ON THE IPHONE!!!!!

I’m not saying that Apple is perfect. It’s not. iTunes can be a right fuckwit a lot of the time, and registering the phone itself is a pain. But I think it’s better. Granted, I havent got the best phone for the android experience but I can’t see how it would make much diffence. And before you say anything you can take the words “widgets” and “customisable” and “open” and source” and shove them up your arse. I don’t want these things.

I suppose there is a point in this uneven stuttering rant.

The point is, people choose things that right for them. If you force an opinion on them and bully them into thinking they’re stupid, then fuck you. You are no better than the people who probably bullied you in the past because you could set up a computer and they could throw or kick a ball really well and yet somehow they get to be more popular.

By the way it may appear to some that I’m focing my opinion on you. I’m airing what annoys me about this topic. The next time you want to get something (whatever it may be, a phone, a car, a gimp mask) but have doubts about what people might say, ignore them do what’s right for you. Don’t conform for other people, you’ll never be happy that way.

Or something. I don’t know I’m just some idiot with a blog…

(Also I realise the title makes no sense.)

Next time, my theory on how my son is a human TARDIS.


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