>Dear son, your going to have a sidekick…

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

>I’ve been outwitted by a one-year-old. 

A few times as it goes. It’s mainly sneaking past me to get to the staircase. He never gets a chance to get up them but what signifies the “win” is the laughing as he wings it around the corner. Other times I’m trying to play with him but there’s something on the TV, and so he gives me a toy to play so he can get on with it. 
I worry about when he gets older, when he starts asking lots of questions about all the random things I wont have the answers. One option is to make up spectacular lies, another would be to actually learn everything in the world. I think the former has more potential for fun, but ooh he’ll be angry when he gets older. 
But it’ll be fine. I know this, he’s a smart boy and I just feel he’s going to do well. I also know he’s going to be a great older brother as we found out this week there’ll be a new boy in the house in the summer.What’s great is that all we’ve learned is backward compatible for the new baby so we’re confident in what we’re doing. 
Of course that’s the theory. 
Also the one-year-old will be going on all sorts of trips with various grandparents for some peace.
I’m only kidding of course, I fall in love with that cheeky monkey every day. Every day he’ll try to outwit me and every day he does something that makes my heart glow and, when the new baby comes, seeing them together will probably combust into a waterfall of tears and other patchy metaphors.
*Serious bit*
Not that I’m under the impression that this blog will be read by millions or even hundreds (I’m hoping maybe dozens…a man can dream), but I’ve noticed that I’ve gathered some readers that are in other than the UK. Tomorrow (Friday 18th of March) is the day for the charity Comic Relief and if you ever saw the films that they do showing what the living conditions for some people in Africa are like,  you’d want to do whatever you can. I’ve posted a link below to the site where, if you can spare *anything* you can donate some money. £5 can buy books for schools, help get running water for villages and help prevent needless deaths of children. Check out what’s being done and what some people are doing to help. It’s well worth it, it can save lives. 
I’m not being preachy, I just want to help.
I’ll try and be funnier next time and talk about How I’m childishly excited about the new series about Dr Who, and how I’ve got two (yes two) Sonic Screwdrivers.
  1. Cameron says:

    >It's great to see someone using a blog to help people as well as make them laugh.

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