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Posted: March 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

>I’ve become a bit fixated with James Bond as of late.

it started with an an old Bond reference book i found the other day and read to death, and the fact that ITV2 have nothing but Bond films and Shaun of the Dead to put on. I’ve been watching all Bond films that have been chucked out on that godawful channel. (Don’t protest, it’s *shite*)

I think that’s this has come about due to several factors. The first would be that I’ve always been a fan of the Bond films as far back as I can remember (with the exception of Octopussy, which only left me with a massive fear of Octopuses…..don’t laugh). Another factor is my son being a fan of Special Agent Oso, which is kind of a kids version of Bond but with a teddy bear voiced by the guy who played Sam in the lord of the rings films.
I’m really not making this up.

Oso is a bit of an oddball. He’s proficient is all types of vehicle usage, he drives like a pro and seems to BASE jump a lot. But sometimes he can’t tell left from right. Or what colour orange is. Or if he’s wearing a hat. Personally, if I were him, I’d being having existential crises about how a stuffed teddy bear came to be sentient. Maybe it was that mother nature. First Superted, now this…


Apparently everyone has a “Bond”. It’s like which incarnation of  Doctor who you grew up with (i’ll probably talk about him in the future, I bet you can’t wait!!).
For me it has to be Brosnan. For me he even beats Connery. I reckon it’s because Bond is technically a civil servant, and he’s the only one of the actors who can kick seven different types of pain induced noises out of you, and still look convincing if he was doing the paperwork explaining why he beat someone to death.
Or if could be that he was the first Bond  I saw in the cinema.

 I was in the civil service. I never got an Aston Martin company car. Which is probably good as I would’ve spent my time firing people who say OMG off the severn bridge with the ejector seat.

I dunno, maybe the dad thing is speeding up my midlife crisis, I’m grey enough for it. I’ll let you know if I get leather trousers and a Harley, but you’ll probably be able to hear the laughter from 20 miles away.

  1. Cameron says:

    >Connery will always be my favourite.

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