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>The Sibling Effect

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve decided to start writing down stuff and posting it in the Internet, which seems like the equivalent of throwing money into a wishing well; no-one will notice it ultimately achieves nothing. Nevertheless I will do this because I feel like it will somehow make a difference to the world. Maybe someone will read it and it will make them smile, which will then put them in a good mood.That mood will push them to go and buy that nice lampshade they always fancied that was on sale in John Lewis but could never justify it but though what the hell, It will make them happy. Only to find that it’s been sold moments earlier, and they would have got there in time if they hadn’t been reading this blog. Maybe they will then go home and curse the person who decided to fill the endless void of blog with their mind numbing ramblings, as if it wasn’t for me they would be roughly 12 per cent happier than they were before.

Actually that’s not the reason I’m doing this. The reason I’m doing this is that I feel compelled to by some weird force to start typing something I think that maybe witty or stupid or inspiring.

That weird force is Sibling Rivalry.

You see, my brother has a website. It’s very good as it goes, he has his stunning photo library on there and it looks cool. ( Seriously look. The pictures are beautiful.
It also has a blog. I read this blog. It’s funny and (obviously) I get the humour and what he’s trying to say.But it brought out something that always happens when he starts something new. I get the voice in the back of my head that says:

“you can do that as well. Why don’t you do it? I reckon you’d be good! GO ON!!!!!!!!”

It’s happened before. I learned how to play the guitar because of my brother. We were sitting outside our house and he was playing the Beatles track Lady Madonna*, and he played a chord change that at the time blew my mind. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. It made me want to learn. I learned “Don’t Look Back in Anger” I felt cool. I then went to college on a music course and made cool friends.I also met drummers but I don’t talk about that.

You see the thought hit me the other day. If it wasn’t for that night of mind blowy-ness, I probably wouldn’t be here doing this right now. Right now I’m typing this married to a fucking cool woman with who I have an amazing and beautiful baby boy. If I hadn’t had gone to college I wouldn’t have bumped into my wife’s best friend who probably wouldn’t have seen me the night that I met her and called me over to say hello, and sparked our relationship that lead me to the proof that soul mates do exist.
So Dai, thanks for learning that A/D/A/D/A/D/F/G/A chord combo.

So I begin my blog writing as a husband and father, wondering about the complexities of the universe and the shape of destiny and the roles we have as beings in this infinite cosmos, and the effects we have thereof.

Of course this could end up being a one off. If there’s a good episode of Star Trek or Quantum Leap on, I’m going to watch that and wonder why there was never a Welsh dude on the bridge of the Enterprise, or why Al cast a shadow in the past, despite being a hologram projected from a sealed room in the future.

*If the Beatles had written “in the army now” instead of “Lady Madonna” I would’ve been fucked.